Word to the Wise regarding Pre-Ordering

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Word to the Wise regarding Pre-Ordering

Postby NerveDamage » Sun Oct 27, 2013 1:39 pm

Here's my take on digital deluxe vs base game, premium member ships, and to pre-order or not to pre-order:

Don't pre-order the deluxe edition unless you think 3 battle packs are worth $10. If you think you're going to get the premium membership, pre-ordering gets you an additional 12 battle packs, though the cost and other benefits will likely be the same in 3-4 months.

Digital Deluxe vs Base Game

Digital Deluxe gets you 3 extra battle packs for bf4(four) and the vehicle shortcut pack for bf3(three). NOTE THE VEHICLE SHORT CUT PACK IS FOR BF3(THREE) not BF4(FOUR). Pre-Ordering either the base game or the digital deluxe version will get you the first DLC, China Rising. Pre ordering the base game seems like the way to go, unless you want to pay an extra $10 for 3 battle packs. Though after release I think the digital deluxe version will be the only one that comes with the DLC and you probably won't get the battle packs.

Premium Membership

Seems like its for the long haul. The big gains include all the expansion packs, 2 week early access to them, bonus xp weekends, and cosmetic shit. If you pre order, you get an additional 12 battle packs. I don't think the price on this will change for a good while, so if you think you might want it, you might as well get the extra battle packs. However, if you're not convinced you'll be playing bf4 in 6 months, you won't really lose out on anything if you miss the pre-order.
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Re: Word to the Wise regarding Pre-Ordering

Postby banshee » Sun Oct 27, 2013 3:15 pm

Very good explanation...
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Re: Word to the Wise regarding Pre-Ordering

Postby D@FFY » Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:37 pm

Well if it's anything like the last few, you'll see the majority of the people getting the deal for the game + the 1st expac, then some will buy the others as they come out, and play in half-full (if they're lucky) servers. I remember with BF2 I was pretty pissed when I could rarely find full servers after I bought the expacs, because everyone else was like "fuck this". I think I got to play the Euro Force (or whatever it was called) maps, for about 4 hours... lol

I got the $60 preorder that comes with the 1st expac. Which is still a joke, because if it's available at game's release, it shouldn't be an expac, it should just be considered a complete product, did the same thing with BF3, and didn't regret not getting the newer ones.

I think they'd be better off giving the expacs out for free (the maps at least), then making a bunch of new vehicles and weapons and attachments and shit on the regular, and selling them micro-transaction style. Just my $.02 though
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Re: Word to the Wise regarding Pre-Ordering

Postby BroHamBone -_- » Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:43 pm

I was actually looking for the AXE shower packs at Wally world. They have codes in them for BF4 and possible prizes to win! Unfortunately there was none in stock yet.
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