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    Our Mission

Here at the Art of War we strive to provide a gaming experience geared toward the casual adult gamer. First and foremost comes our community: Online games are more fun with friends who you trust playing alongside of you.

When we operate a server of our own, we pride ourselves on having limited rules. Our staff will only use their powers to enforce these rules to keep the games fair and fun for all. Overall use of powers should be rare and never for personal gain. If you play the game for fun and appreciate a hands off style of administrating then we may be the home server for you.

We understand that real life is stressful and want to provide a community to help people unwind.

    |aow| About Us:

In 1999 |aow| started out as a server called Team SSX. The server was comprised of a bunch of friends who got together and wanted to have a full time place to play where everyone would want to come. In June of 2001, SSX became the Art of War. We had two factions from the original Team SSX server regulars and friends break off at that point. [Sun --][--Tzu] who mostly lived in the southern California area and |aow| who lived in the Northern California area. Although we had different tags we were all good friends.

Since those beginnings, activity has waxed and waned. When real life took its toll on the core group of members a few admins planned a coup, reorganizing a new team of admins and moving the game server to a better host. Thus, the current |aow| emerged in 2004, starting with a Counter-Strike: Source server hosted by NuclearFallout.

We have been active in many popular games, running servers for:

The |aow| community is active in many popular games even when we are not running our own servers. If you're looking for a community of trustworthy gamers who know how to have fun, you've found the right place. Come join us in our Ventilo server or keep up with our latest activities on the forum.

Once again, welcome to the |aow|!


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